Animal Rescue

We find homes for homeless cats and an occasional dog. Because we do not yet have our shelter built we are very limited in the number of animals we can accept. Please call our voice mail at 541-464-4313 for more information. You can leave a message 24 hours a day. Please give our volunteers time to call back. We do not currently have a facility and operate out of foster homes and our Roseburg Petco. If you do leave a message please be sure to speak clearly and leave your name and complete phone number. You can also see all of our adoptable animals by clicking on the link to the left.

Feral Kitty Committee

Most of you are aware of the Feral Kitty Committee’s role within the SPCA but you might not be aware of just exactly how our program works so I thought that I would take this opportunity to fill you in a little bit.Caring for feral cats in public and private sectors. Please see the Feral Kitty page for more details. We work with colonies that have been identified around Douglas County, spaying/neutering, feeding & sheltering them, but we also work with individuals who are trying to care for Ferals that have shown up on their properties. It is our policy to help those that plan to continue feeding & sheltering the cats after we have them spayed or neutered. We do not help those that are going to destroy the cats or let them fend for themselves. The process is as follows: A person wanting our help will call our feral kitty voice mail (541-464-4313), a representative will call the person back and talk to them, then send out an application to them. After getting the application back, it is then turned over to the person handling the vouchers who will contact the person requesting help and will then work them in on a first come first serve basis according to our funds. Unfortunately, we don’t have unlimited funds so sometimes there is a waiting period but we try our best to get to everyone within a 2 month time frame. The vouchers are numbered and taken to the veterinary clinic with the person in charge of the cats (applicant) name on them. The cats get a rabies shot, a shot for worms, a shot for ear mites, spayed or neutered and they get their left ear tipped (a universal sign that the cat has been altered in case it should get trapped again.) There is no choice in this matter, as it keeps those that try to get their domestic cats through this program from abusing it. (There is a separate voucher system available to help with domestic pets through the SPCA). Each individual is responsible for trapping & transporting the cats to & from the vet clinics. As you know, kitten season is on us now so there are a lot of people asking for our help and, unfortunately, not all of them will get the help they need before their females deliver, so PLEASE don’t wait until the breeding season. We are here all year ’round so call on us before it’s too late! FERAL KITTY COMMITTEE C/O New Beginnings SPCA P.O. Box 1494 Roseburg OR. 97470 541-464-4313

Providing Food for Low-Income Pets

Providing food for low-income pets: We accept donations of pet food that is then passed on to low-income citizens and used for the feral kitty committee. If you can donate pet food please call us at 541-464-4313 and we will arrange a pick up.

No-Kill Shelter

Still one of our goals but has been delayed due to funding. For more information on that, please see our Shelter Page.
Although we no longer operate a thrift store we do still take donations of items. We sell items through consignment (Louise’s in Winston) , Facebook, Craig’s List and garage sales. If you have clean saleable items please call us at 541-673-9769. Other donations are also needed by our organization. We welcome cash donations anytime either online here, or by mail at PO Box 1494, Roseburg OR 97470. For other items needed by our organization, please see our “Wish List” here.
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